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The Unique Soul Essence

We want to provide a message for the website because this is such an important time in the spiritual development of humankind, which has gone through the lower forms of organization, religion, rules and dogma. It is now time for the spiritual desire and quest to be guided by the individuality that is part of life on this plane. It is a valuable attribute to be seeking that which connects each individual to their higher self, unmediated by institutions, unmediated by dualities, by this notion that there is something outside that directs the connection to the higher self, to the soul. This is a time for each human to feel their own unique soul being, their own unique soul essence and to find their own individual way unmediated by the rules of others. Now is the time for each one to find their experience of their own spirit being.

Each person may draw from many different sources of ways to move into connection. But each person's path is different. What is a good step in connecting for one may not be the beneficial step for another. There are many layers of personality and need and judgment to be sorted through and released in order to find that connection, that opening to the soul, that opening to knowing one’s soul essence. And by knowing we do not mean that they are describing and using words and concepts that come from the outside, but they are having an experience, their own individual experience of connection. It is only through connection that the vibrations open into their higher aspects.

That yearning for connection exists within each human being. Within each human being is this deep desire to connect, to connect with home. So while you are in body you cannot be home and yet you can be in connection, open connection with essence, with soul, with home. And that connection offers deep and broad support for all that must be endured on this plane. In your world, there is much to be endured. But when each individual finds their way- and we use again, this word unmediated- it is a deeply individual connection. It is not that the soul is not connected to the whole or that even in body you are disconnected from the whole, but you have all these concepts that are in the way. So connecting with one's own soul energy, with that experience of connection to the higher self of the being, that is the path for Ascension. That is what you would call the critical path for Ascension. It is a necessary step.

There are ways in which all the institutions and organizations that relate to spiritual development and awareness on your planet can be helpful, but only in so far as they give tools to the individual to find their way to their own home, their own higher home that is their own soul being. So we are asking each of you to find your way into the experience of your own higher self, your own soul, your own spiritual home. You are not seeking to connect with another being's energy that is of a higher vibration, though that can be very beneficial. That is not what we are saying. We are saying that you must connect with your own soul, essence. You must connect with your own deep yearning to connect with your soul home.

These are important times for humankind and for the planet. For the planet and humankind to reach that state of awareness of wholeness, the oneness that is all, each individual must first experience their own wholeness of being through connection with their soul essence, their soul home. It is happening for very many right now, and so we are urging all to pursue their own quest.


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