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My Personal Journey with Spirit

Over the years my Spirit guides and teachers have been extremely helpful to me.  I’ve had practical help with mundane matters.  I’ve been guided through very deep emotional releases and growth.  My guides nurture my personal and spiritual opening and growth with unconditional love and patience. I have had to increase my own patience with what it takes to unknot and release the dysfunctional patterns and beliefs embedded due to Karma or arising from the misunderstandings and wounds of this lifetime.  

We come into this life learning about who we are and how we are supposed to be through the expectations, beliefs, needs and desires of our environment and the people around us. Even well-intentioned love is often clouded in its sending or reception.  The way home to knowing and loving ourselves is a complicated one.  This is the journey I’ve been on consciously for the past 50+ years.

I’ve been fortunate in having a full professional life and loving relationships. Yet, in the past, every time I had extended deep experiences devoted to Spirit, I resented coming back to the demands of everyday life.  I wanted to be back at home with my soul, not abandoned here on this plane. At one point it became clear that I to want to be alive on the Earth.  I did choose and I now know the joy of full aliveness in my Being. My work with Spirit guides has led me to a place of greater (however imperfectly sustained) love, joy, peace, and connection.

There is nothing easy about being in a human body or living on a planet whose creations are ravaged as fear, anger, greed, war, hatred abound.  Amid all this my teachers and those of most channels are saying this is a time of great potential for change.  It is time for humanity and the Earth to evolve. The energies supporting change have been gathering.  My teachers have asked me to focus now on the potential for the Earth to be a planet of a higher vibration where love, gentleness, generosity, kindness and connection become the platform for creation.  They have asked me to share their messages on spiritual development as a key part of this change.

The messages on this site speak to the need and nature of this evolution and how we can each help.  You have the power to contribute your hope, your love, your kindness and gentleness toward the Earth and others as part of our shared journey of ascension to a higher level of being. You are needed and the time is now. --Kathryn

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