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Makel and The Peacekeepers provide ongoing counsel
on what is needed to assist our and the Earth's ascension.
This page is dedicated to their continued guidance. 



We are Arcturians and we, along with many others from our many systems outside the Earth, have watched the progress of the Earth's energies with compassion and concern. Our interest is in assisting the Earth to rise to a higher frequency that will be of greater benefit, not just to those who are now or will be upon the planet, but of benefit to all who exist outside of the Earth plane. What happens to the earth has consequences for the greater Cosmos. Our messages are here to encourage and support the energies necessary to bringing about this important and significant transformation.



How shall your readers encounter us? How shall we speak what is important for them to understand?  You know, on our plane of existing one does not need to introduce oneself. One simply is. And when one encounters other energies, they are simply understood. We do not need to extend a hand, say a name and then describe our job or position. We are present on our plane to bring to the Earth plane greater understanding of the larger patterns and layers of the whole system within which the Earth and her people exist. We are primarily focused on healing, but healing that addresses the many energetic layers through which disruption is expressed and affects the whole of the being and the planet.

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