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Deepen Relationship with Spirit

This is an important time for each one of you to choose; choose to open, to expand, to allow, to know that you are more than what exists within your skin, within your brain, more than what your eyes can see or ears can hear. Everyone, everyone is connected to spirit.

Your spirit teachers have chosen to be with you in support of your learning and your soul's growth. Your relationship to spirit is important not just for you but also for the changes that are needed for all humankind and the planet. But without your focus and attention, the ability of your teachers and guides to help you is limited. Your teachers and guides in spirit are waiting; waiting with great love, understanding and patience, but nevertheless waiting. Waiting to be acknowledged.

If your emotional or mental self is unsure, not yet trusting, then let your imagination open the doorway. From your heart offer a greeting of welcome and an intention to connect. Because ears and voice are rooted in the physical world, for many of you it will be easiest to pick up pen and paper and ask your guide to give you a message or to answer a simple question. Just allow your hand to write. Even if you think you are making up the first few words, keep going because you and your spirit guides are wanting this relationship, are wanting greater closeness.

Opening to a deeper relationship with spirit carries the promise of joy and love that goes beyond what your plane of existence currently supports. This is a moment on your planet when taking this step, however you may take it, is of utmost importance. And we repeat, great love, great support, great patience surround you and it is your task only to open the door and say welcome.


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