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Intention is Not Enough

Intention, as you know, is very important, but it is not enough. What is your joke? You ask God to win the lottery, but God says ‘well, buy a ticket.’ So you wish to progress in your spiritual development. But this means you must not just wish and hope, but you must take actions. Now, these actions do not need to be- this is, in your world, very important- they do not need to be time consuming. They do not need to be time- consuming. However, they do need to be focused and the focus for each one of will vary. Yes, for some it is simply adding a dimension to the yoga that you already do. For some, it is modifying the idea of what meditation is so that it beomes something that the mind can accommodate. For everyone, for everyone there is the matter of the ego. Ego fears the spiritual development because ego is a manifestation of the embodiment. Yes, it is a tool for getting around in your world. Of course, sometimes it is a very bad tool and interferes with success in this planetary world. But other times it is an asset. However, when it comes to spiritual development, ego needs to find a different role. And so it is not about wrestling the ego. It is not about denying the ego. It is about giving the ego a different task. What is the task of your own ego? What is it doing for you? How is it benefiting you? How is it manifesting? What are its concerns? Well, you need to give your ego a different set of concerns so that it may be occupied and in finding that ego expression that is not about pride and not about being better than. Find that ego role that is not about division, separation, and hierarchy, but is about service to your soul and assisting you in your spiritual development rather than trying to intervene, limit, prevent it. .

Spiritual development is not meant to be struggle and difficulty. It is not meant to be pain and deprivation. It is meant to be ease and joy. So where you can find joy, there you can also find steps for your own spiritual development. Where you can find ease, move spiritual development into those places of ease. If you were going to a dentist, you would not want to go to one who caused pain. You would want the dentist who did create fear of pain,did not create pain, but rather eliminated the pain from whatever must be done. So too, you do not want spiritual development that is pain and suffering. Seek ease. Seek joy. Seek the path of light. Turn to the light. Turn to that sunshine wherever it is in your life. And let your heart open to that and from your heart opening to ease, from your heart opening to the light spiritual development can unfold. So that is our message. Let spiritual development be the joy in your life because of the pleasure of the opening of your heart of the light. It seems important in a time when there is so much pain and difficulty and fear and anxiety that everyone needs to look and find some place of joy, some place of ease, some place of pleasure and connect that to their deep, heartfelt yearning for spirit.


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