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Integrating Gratitude

November is the month in which your Thanksgiving is celebrated. Consider. If every day were a Thanksgiving Day and included the question 'where is my gratitude this day?' If that question were not just about big things, but about the joy and wonder offered by the smallest of things – the shape of a tree, the leaf dancing in the wind, the gleam of the sun’s reflection on the snow, the drop of rain caught in the spider’s web. If every day the small gestures of affection, of kindness, of gentleness were offered with gratitude for the ability to offer such things to others, even to the least among all the beings and living things. How different would your days be?

You and everyone on this planet has a deep need to receive such gentleness, kindness, generosity. But also, there is a deep need for opening to give the small kindnesses, the small actions of generosity, whether in your home, at your work, in nature or driving in your cars. If every day were filled with moments, not minutes, just moments of gratitude, how different would each day be? Gratitude is not something to do; it is a way to Be.

If such gratitude became an integrated part of Being for more and more humans how different would the world be?

This is a potential future for the Earth. That is what you are taking steps toward. So when you are intending to integrate gratitude into the essence of your daily Being you are pioneers. You are pioneering the possible future for all who will embody on the Earth. You are pioneering the Earth’s future as an evolving planet. The energy that we are sending with these words will support your efforts. Be brave and filled with wonder as you expand in your gratitude.

Makel, Channeled by Kathryn Girard


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