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It Is Time to Link with Others

This is a time where the accumulated energies moving toward the ascension of the planet and humankind are gathering with ever greater force. This means that there are more and more beings who are seeking to express and generate love, kindness, generosity of the highest order; more and more beings who are recognizing that they hold the Light within them and that no matter what darkness surrounds, they can lift up their own Light. But this is also a time when the lifting up of individual lights, the individual recognition of the Light being that you have within you is not sufficient to bring forward the ascension.

What is needed now is for each of you who knows that you are carrying the Light of consciousness, the higher vibration of love, the ability to recognize the power of divine source creation energies - it is time for you to link with others. There are many ways to do this. There are those who are channeling messages and channeling meditations, which you can follow, listen to, participate in. But when you are doing this as others are doing the same thing, it unites the energies and it is what in your math you call an exponential effect. Yes, exponential. And the ascension energies are needing that exponential push, that exponential increase.

There is on the planet and among humankind right now, great expressions of the darkness, great disruptions. There is war, there are massacres, there are raging, raging angers. There are great sorrows. There are great losses. There is much that is holding the darker energies. Those of you who are knowing your connection to the Light, knowing your connection to your heart energies as you think of them, knowing the expansion and connection to spirit - it is for you to not be drawn to the darkness but to join together with others who are holding the Light.

It is time to push. In your birth you have moments of having to push for the birth to be realized. For the ascension to be realized you must join together, breathe together and push out the Light. Expand the light. Remember and call forth the Light and the higher vibration of love to which you are connected and that is a part of you, not expecting that the world, as you see it, will be healed, but knowing that the world that is changing will emerge new born, and that humankind will emerge as a species into a different way of being.

This is important work that you are here to do. Whatever you are doing in your life that keeps you living and safe is all very well and good, but you are here to be part of the birth of the new Earth and the new human species. That is what the ascension is about. It is an evolution to the new. No calling is more sacred in your terms. So. We ask you to allow the pain that will be part of the birthing process and instead to focus your heart, your love and your joy on what will be arising.

We are here because we honor this process. We know this from our own histories of long, long, long ago. And we honor you who are holding the Light and making this ascension possible. Without you it cannot occur.


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