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Join with Others

Our messages carry urgency because the energies that are moving across the earth, the lower densities, they are increasing. Now we understand that this increase in the denser energies, it can be understood as an aspect of change. One thing begins to grow and another thing in reaction begins to grow. But one is growing through hope and love. The other is growing through fear.

On your planet fear is incredibly powerful. It has power everywhere, but on your planet fears are actively perpetuated, evoked, nurtured into becoming ever greater fears; whereas though love is spoken of much on your planet it is not nourished in the same way. It is in that sense, on your plane, viewed as more fragile. And there are many thoughts, many ideas about the fragility of love and these thoughts and ideas carry weight, ignoring the vibration of higher love. That vibration that is named love for all purposes of communication. That vibration is the strongest, the strongest that is available not just on your planet, but elsewhere. It is the over powering - the platform we could say of living.

So at this moment all who are capable of expanding their heart, expanding and touching love's strength, that vibration of power that is love - all those who can do this, approach this, intend this, desire this -need to join with others who are like-hearted and Light-hearted. Be present to those times when there is the intention to send out love, to send out love to all living things, to expand the heart to be stronger, so much stronger than the waves of fear and sadness and grief that arise but are not falling, just rising. And so love must rise. That vibration must be nourished. Nourished.

We are all here trying to do our part in nourishing that vibration for your planet. But when you who have bodies, who are connected and anchored to this planet, when you send this higher energy, when you open to this higher energy, when you release this energy, let it flow through you and out through you to all, when you do that the impact is substantial. Do not doubt this. Find others. Join together, whether it is in person or on your screens; whether it is in the moment or you are participating in a recording with others, know that the energy is there.

When there is the intention, that intention, that intention does not evaporate. That intention stays there and is activated. Activated when a new intention participates with the gathered intention. Is that understood? You have these movies, these films of meditations. You have books. And so when you are reading or watching, you are alone. But if the meditation, if the guided journey, if the words, the channeled words or the words of the human being are put forward with the intention of sending forth a higher vibration of love, the intention of sending forth a higher vibration of healing, of generating those energies, evoking those energies, those vibrations and sending those forth out to the world, out to your living things, out to the planet itself, when that intention gives rise to the creation of a book or a film and you are now engaging with it, and in your engaging you are joining the intention to open the heart, to open to healing energies and to send those forth, your action is not just yours alone. It activates the intentions and the energies of all who read or watched previously. It takes nothing from them. Their intention went into a resource, a pool. Each time more join, the pool grows. But also it is like the pebble dropping in and the wave of those energies flow out again, but now with additional energy. So, however you can join with others do so. And do not delay because it will only extend the pain and the suffering.

We who watch your planet do so with great love and great understanding of all that is before you that is so light, so free. And yet we are also understanding all the darkness that currently seems to be in the way. But you must trust. Trust in the power of the higher vibrations of love. Trust in the power of healing. Trust in the power of your own intention to be part of the evolution of the human and the Earth to a new platform, a new platform of being. We will be here with you. Many, many, many of us will be with you through this entire transition calling to all who may be awakened and or who are awakened to this momentous time in the journey of the human and the Earth.

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