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The Energy of Love

Today, what we wish to address with you is the energy of love. Yes. That word has so much connected to it, so much projected onto it. And yet we are not speaking about the word. We are speaking about the frequency that is associated on our plane with that word. It is a frequency that is actually very high. And while the word is often used on your plane in a way that is very low- it is withheld. It is manipulated. It is about transactions. It evokes complicated emotions. Yes? But that is not the love of which we speak.

We have said in the past that to walk upon the Earth with awareness of love with each step is an important act for the Earth. We are understanding that to do this with every step is not realistic. But just as you do not have to be aware of every breath, but when you are aware, the breath changes and it becomes deeper and more nourishing. So too, when you think about love and you think about love of the earth, love of this life that the Earth is giving you, then that too brings more nourishment. Just as you do not have to remember to breathe, you do not have to remember to express the love with each step, but rather to remind your being that it is your intention to express love of the Earth, to express not just gratitude, but love.

Find that place in the heart chakra, in that place of love - love not as transaction, not as exchange, not out of need, but as free unconditional giving. Yes, that place of free, unconditional, loving is within everyone. Everyone has that capability, though it remains hard to access or closed for some, it is nevertheless there. And so for those who may have problems expressing love with other individual humans, maybe there is the way to express it toward animals. Maybe there is a way to express it to the earth, to living things, to trees, to flowers. Each one of you can find that place in you that is capable of unconditional, freely given love. Find that place. Find where unconditional love currently has expression in you, and expand that to include the earth as a whole.

And perhaps life has been hard. But nevertheless, the Earth has given you the resources to live. Has given you the sun and the earth and the growing things and the air. You plant your feet in the earth, you look around, you see the growing things, you look up, you see the sun, and you breathe the earth's air at every moment. Within that, find the gratitude and perhaps that comes first and then find the love, because the Earth is in desperate need. The Earth does not ask for love, but welcomes, welcomes, welcomes it.

When you are sending your gratitude, the earth is absorbing that and it is comforting. When you are able to express and send forth your love of the earth- of its elements, of that which it supports- when you are able to do that, the vibration raises the energies of the Earth, just as when you are in full expression of love, your own energies expand. Yes? You are larger, you are lighter, you are lifted up. Just so, the more love that is expressed to the earth, the more the Earth's energy is lifted. And that is very much needed right now because you know that when your vibration, when your feelings, because that is where most of you live, when your feelings are depressed, when you are feeling burdened, it is very hard to act wisely. It is it is very constraining, constraining and limiting. But when you are lifted up, then the energy for activity, the energy for hope, the energy for possibilities also expands. And so that is what you are assisting when you are focused intentionally on expressing your love for the earth and programing your being to be expressing that even when it is not in your mind. When you do this you you are contributing to raising the vibration of the Earth. And that is very important at this time. Yes, very important. So that is our request for today.


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