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One Message Above All Others

There is one message above all others that it is important for you to hear. That is the message of your heart. Not the smaller heart that has its human loves and wounds and desires. But your own Higher Heart, that place of unconditional love that is a part of you and is the true home of you. Unconditional love is not something that you can only occasionally visit. Unconditional love is the state of being of your greater Self.

Unconditional love is a place of presence. It is that place of knowing that all that is, simply is and you are. You are. It is powerful to be in that state of presence, that state of I am. Here you have only love, kindness, compassion for self, for others. And it is not difficult. When you allow yourself to come home to your Higher Heart you rest in that unconditional love and acceptance and connection to all.

There is much, much in your world that pulls you away from your own state of unconditional love. You find in your lower self, in your third dimensional awareness that constant love, kindness, compassion, acceptance and presence are difficult. Very difficult. Remember that unconditional love is not outside of you. It is not something you have to earn. It is not something you can lose. It is at the core of your being. You can choose to open more and more to this part of you

We ask that you choose to connect to your Higher Heart, to be in that place of unconditional love, in that essence of you. When you are connected to your Higher Heart, to that place that is you - that place that is you - love, kindness and compassion are present to whatever is occurring. When you connect to your Higher Heart you raise your vibration and expand the Light for your being and for all beings.

The times that are here and the times that are coming will challenge you. But the answer to the challenge is for you to remember who you are. You are that greater Self. Your truth is in your Higher Heart. Your truth is in your unconditional love, presence, kindness and compassion. There are many here with you supporting the changes in consciousness and expanding Light of the Higher Heart energies as your planet and humanity moves toward the ever-coming Ascension to a higher dimension. We are honored to be with you on this journey.


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