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Reasons to Be Hopeful

Yes, we are careful when we are coming into your energies more deeply because we are aware of where our frequency is apart from yours. There are frequencies that we can share safely with you, and that is what we are currently doing. We are focused on those energies that align with yours. Yes, so we have a message about the planet.

The difficulty that is arising is being evoked by the responses to what the Earth is doing to try to find balance in energies that are being depleted. You think of reservoirs of water; you could even think that forests are oases or reservoirs of nourishment. And yet these physical reservoirs are being removed, depleted? Well, just as these reservoirs of energy- water energy, air energy, Earth energy - just as these physical manifestations of energy being given by the Earth are being depleted, so is the Earth's energy depleted.

So what balances your energy when you are feeling depleted? Yes, you are feeling sad or you're feeling depressed but then what can lift you out of that? Well, positive thoughts, joy, that which makes you laugh, that which makes you feel loved, that which makes you feel cared about, that which is gentle, that which is soft -all your terms for ways of giving and receiving different energies that are nourishing. So when what is triggered in humanity is anger and sadness and fear, then those energies join with the physical manifestations of drought, of storm, of earthquake, of eruption's and so the Earth has even more to cope with and nothing to help her. So we understand that it may seem simplistic to think about your thoughts having power. Certainly your actions have had a great deal of power in depleting the Earth. And your actions now to try to assist the Earth are very meager, despite many of you wanting to do better. But what everyone can do is to stop the fear. Stop the anger. Stop the sadness and instead send the earth love. Send the earth compassion. Send the Earth your joy in what you still see around you that raises your spirit. Look for those things of the Earth that raise your spirit and raise that up to the Earth. You cannot replant all the forests. You cannot bring back all the rain forests. You cannot bring back all the water that once was clean and now is polluted. However, you can contribute to the energies surrounding the Earth that flow down to the Earth and flow up into her field.

It is difficult for many of you to accept that every thought you have goes out into the atmosphere. Are your thoughts polluting your own field? Are they polluting the Earth's field? You may be one who takes care of how you dress because you want to be seen as someone who is thoughtful or careful or organized or clean. Pay as much attention to what you think, what you feel, what you put out into your field and what you send out into the Earth's field. That is what you can do. Intention matters. Align your thoughts with your intention and align whatever acts you take with that intention. But keep reinforcing the idea, the thought. There is reason to continue to be hopeful but only, only if those of you who are sufficiently aware can manage to integrate into your being the importance of what you are sending out from your being into the atmosphere, into the field of the Earth and indeed into your own field, into the energy in your home, into the energy wherever you are.

So let it be simple. Find your way. Find your way because the earth depends on you. We who are not on the Earth plane can send guidance, can send our own energies, but the power of all of the embodied beings on the surface of the planet carries so much weight. It is for your own good, not just the good of the Earth. There is so much beauty in what may be. Believe in that.


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