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The Earth's Breath

We are so pleased that you looked at that film (The Year the Earth Changed) because what it brought forward was your own experience of the breath of the Earth.

There was much that was difficult during this pandemic that circled the globe. Humans were forced into isolation, into their own contained limited space. There was much suffering in trying to live within these pressed-in boundaries, these constraints of space and movement. And yet there were good things that arose. Humans are very creative, and so there were all the ways in which there was adaptation. Adaptation to using the screens to see each other and speak with each other and do the business. And yet, at the same time that this was working, it was stressful. Tthere were parts that were good. You are not in your cars, in traffic, and yet there you were locked in place at the desk or at the table and with a phone or with a computer and looking at a screen. Not to say that in your normal pre-pandemic times, you were not sitting at the table or a desk looking at the screen, but there was more motion, more choice, more richness of environments that you could move yourself to outside of your homes and your rooms.

During the pandemic cars stopped moving, people stopped moving. Planes reduced, ships reduced. And what happened? Earth was quiet. There was peace. And on your screens, you saw amazing pictures of animals moving into city landscapes, moving in to towns, villages and beautiful resorts. Not only was there more freedom of movement for animals that had been pressed into ever smaller environments for their survival, but also in the release from the commotion in the air, on the ground, in the waters, in that space and in the silence of that space the Earth breathed. The birds, animals, fish, plants, trees - they breathed and in that breath life flourished. Yes, life flourished. But it should not be that in order for all to have breath, to have space, to have health that the humans must be locked inside.

It is the magic of the creation energies that each of you hold within you that will allow you, if you choose, to find the pathway so that humans can be out, not confined, but out in their environment and yet still the other parts of Earth can breathe and be healthy. Is there not a way forward where all healthy? Yes, yes, there will always be illnesses and problems, but those can be easily resolved when the environment as a whole is healthy. So it is a great task. A great task before you.

It is clear that no one can bring forth the healing, the health of the earth in all its aspects- human animal, plant, water, air, soil. But to begin you must each choose. Choose the whole. Choose to care about the whole understanding that you cannot care for the whole if you cannot first care for yourself. But what does that mean? Can you not care for yourself without it being at the expense of other life, at the expense of the health of other living things? Of course you can. And that is the choice that is before each one of you as we move forward into these days.

If you can step into your connection to the whole, then as the whole becomes healthier and moves in its energies to a higher plane, you too move forward, you too ascend into a state of grace, a state of greater health, of greater love, of greater happiness, of greater ease, because you are aligned with ease for all, health for all, wholeness.


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