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The Idea of Planetary Ascension

There are many groups now that are beginning or continuing to focus on the idea of planetary ascension. And this is a very large goal. And the earth is at once very far from that goal and yet at the same time poised to move toward it with what you would call a big step. But this step can only happen if the energies are there. So in order for there to be this step forward in the level of vibration and the effects of that higher frequency on all that is on and in the planet Earth there are many, many smaller steps. And so right now, the smaller step that is needed is the increase in the vibration of what you call love. That that flow, that vibration that is very much heart- centered in your thinking. So, heart centered.

There is much that distracts from the heart-centered vibration. When you watch the news, it is not evoking the heart. It is evoking emotions. But it is not evoking love. When you are driving in your cars, many emotions are triggered, but rarely love. Even when you are doing your exercise in nature, riding your bicycle or taking your hikes or just taking a walk there is not much love that is being put forth. Love is not a word. It is a vibration. Saying the word does not alone evoke the vibration.

So what is needed is for you who are listening to or reading this message to think what evokes in you a strong feeling of love. And not a conditional love. But an unconditional love. A love that is not impeded by fear. Not impeded by- well, so many different fears, really. So just a pure love. Sometimes this occurs with your animals for those of you who have pets, four-legged or winged ones. Sometimes this is evoked by another human. Sometimes it is evoked by beauty. But for each of you, you need to identify with great honesty what pulls unconditional love from you? You all h

ave it. You all have this great capacity to love.

And so what is needed is for you to spend some time, we are not saying hours, though that would be lovely. Just some time, every day sending forth your feelings of love. Because even if that love is going to your pet, that vibration is also released through your energetic field out into the energetic sphere surrounding the Earth. Whatever it is that calls forth your most generous love, you need to bring that forth every day. Just imagine if everyone in your world spent time every day focused on unconditional loving and letting that emotion, that vibration of unconditional love flow out from them. That vibration goes out into the atmosphere and it joins with all the other expressions, all the other expressions that are at that same frequency, that same vibration in the energetic field of the Earth.

When you do any action with love that is beneficial to the Earth, no matter what the action is. What you call love includes many different frequencies. Even love that is somewhat impeded, constrained, limited, though not as high a vibration as unconditional love, it is nevertheless a vibration that goes into the energetic atmosphere of the Earth, and is a help.

We are seeing those moments when groups who choose to meditate together on planetary healing contribute their energies. And when you are focusing your prayers on the Earth and all that lives upon it, that is all very good. Those acts are beneficial, but they are not enough. So,it is important for you to know that you can make your own contribution every day, even if you do this only for a few minutes - a few minutes every day when there is a pause in your day. A commitment to evoke unconditional love in yourself so that it can flow out and rise up and expand the frequency of unconditional love around the Earth would be a blessing for the Earth and part of moving the Earth toward the possibility of ascension. So that is the assignment we wish to put forward.


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