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The Voice of Urgency

We are watching what is happening in the Earth energies. What we are seeing is an increasing amount of fear, anxiety, violence, desperation. There is much desperation. This is a very distorting energy when it is put forward into the energetic field. It is a disrupter. It is a disrupter for individuals and a disrupter for communities.

Whenever an individual is putting forth the energy of desperation, there has been a degrading of the spirit; a weakening of their connection to others and to their own higher self. There is no desperation when there is connection to the higher energies or the actual Earth energies. So yes, so we are seeing this energy of desperation permeating many places.

The Earth has come to a point where it cannot sustain the initiating vibrations that it was intended to create within. The Earth evolves. You think of the evolution of species and the diversity of biological forms. And this is not, of course, the whole of the Earth's evolution. Just as your physical form grows, matures, ages and then begins to degrade, so does the Earth's physical form. But the physical form is only one aspect. The soul of the Earth is evolving just as your own souls are evolving. The energy that the soul of the Earth is seeking to bring forward now as part of the evolution of the Earth is of higher vibrations. These vibrations will enable those who embody on this new Earth to understand, to see and to live where there is support- vibrational energetic support, both in how they are embodied and in the Earth itself - for those states of peace, love, kindness, compassion, gentleness.

It is not that there will not be conflict, differences. There are always those things. But what is the energy that conflicts call forth? Differences and conflicts now call forth anger, shunning, dismissal, rage, confusion. With different vibrations as the essence of the Earth there will be evoked more tolerance, curiosity, exploration. And then there will be seeking how to move forward with differences. The Earth will continue to be a planet with its emphasis still on individuality, but individuality with awareness of connection, and greater ease of connection.

The ‘new’ Earth will create greater peaceful prospects for all. By that, we are referring to our many homes that are not Earth. With the Earth having a different vibrational plane, there will be greater safety. There will also be greater protection for the Earth and its inhabitants. When the vibrations of the Earth are less volatile, less dense, Earth will not attract the more dense entities that are present in the universes of beings.

We are wanting people on the Earth to rise up and claim peace. Claim the desire. It is in every one. Somewhere in everyone is the desire for a peaceful life, a kind life; the desire for more gentleness and connection to others. Those desires when allowed expression with hope, assist the Earth in raising her vibration. And those who cannot find any of that inside them will be called home, but not necessarily in a way that they would choose.

So this is a time when there cannot be delay. When we say that this is the time we do not mean this hour or this day or even this year. But to amass the energies that are needed to birth the ascension of the Earth and individuals takes great persistence and fortitude over an extended period. And in your terms of time there cannot now be delay or the consequences for everyone in terms of their experience on the Earth will become increasingly painful. Life on Earth will become increasingly difficult for everyone, no matter what vibration they are able to manifest.

We are always the voice of urgency here. It is urgent. And it is now that individuals must step forward.


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