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The Year to Come

As this year is beginning, there are already indications of what is to come. The presence of the virus continuing its mutations and forms and spreading is already seeding ideas that what will be, will be different from what has been. The management of living with pressures from the unseen elements that bring disease, pain, death, uncertainty, fear - that is now, well- seeded. In the earlier time there was this sense that this particular virus would arise, be very difficult, bringing much death, pain and fear but then there would be a solution and life would return to normal. This will not be the case. There will continue to be ever-present threats, as you see them, to physical health and to larger losses of life. The idea of protection will be challenged in the year to come.

In a time of increased vulnerability where is the place to be? Your home is not on the Earth. Your home is with soul. Your home is with spirit. So when you are on the Earth plane your task is not to feel at home, but to feel that you are learning through experiences of the pleasant kind and the unpleasant kind as you categorize such things. But you are not at home. You are away at school to learn. And when you are away at school you have many vulnerabilities. Yes, you are with strangers. You are with people who are very different. You are uncertain of where you belong.

Your greatest sense of comfort is in remembering. Remembering this is not home. Remembering you are here as a student. Remembering your connection is primarily and always first with your soul and your soul's purpose for which you are the student. You are here to experience and to learn from what you experience so that the Light and richness of your soul -of which you are an aspect - may expand. When you are remembering that as your home, then there is nothing to fear. What is painful is learned from. What is joyful is learned from. What is puzzling is a path for learning. All of the emotions and states of being you experience are places from which you, as your soul's representative, can learn. Choose to experience what you are experiencing fully, not turning away but embracing it.

We are wanting to reinforce the notion that now is the time for you to be connecting ever more deeply with your sense of your spirit home, your sense of you as a being of Spirit, who is temporarily in form on this plane in service to your soul's growth and expansion. You are here on this plane at this time to be one who can help to expand the light that surrounds the planet, the light that serves the planet, and to aid others in connecting with their true essence. So, it is a big task. It is not an easy task. You have been away for a long time. And so, remembering, remembering, remembering. That is where comfort will be most strongly available to you.


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