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Time for New Lessons

Greetings. We are wanting to provide a message because this notion of time as we translate from our planes to yours is very distorted. When we are saying that there is urgency, it is because we are seeing the pattern of energies that are weak, that need to be strong. We are knowing the strength that will be required in order to manifest the changes that the Earth is moving toward. The more strength there is, the less upheaval there will be. The more awareness there is, the less upheaval there will be. The more acceptance of change, the less upheaval.

We understand that although your entire plane is built upon constant change, there is nevertheless this substantial resistance to the very idea of change. There is the misapprehension that change is destruction. There is the fear that if things are not fixed, that danger will arise. Whereas if there is not productive change, if there is not intentional beneficial change, iif there is not the acceptance of change for growth and evolution, then there is stagnation, there is decay. And the decay is not just physical. The decay is moral. The decay is energetic. The decay is in all of the bodies of the being and all the bodies of the earth.

So how do we communicate the joy that will arise from embracing an unknown and very changed future. This is a question for every individual because you are all individuals not knowing your connections. How do we communicate that you cannot know the future, and yet ask you to trust that in accepting the changes in your own being and accepting that the planet must also change, that the future for all will be lighter, better, safer, more fulfilling and easier.

Your world is a hard world. Your world is filled with pain and suffering, with acts of violence and betrayals and deceit and injustice. Would you not all want to have a planet where the preponderance of existence for those upon the planet was made up of kindness, love, generosity, so that when fear arose, love would be there to assist it in calming, to move it out of its trap. Because when fear arises, it is a trap. It traps the self. It traps other selves. It spreads. But where there is sufficient energy of love, the frequency of love, fear does not grow. It may arise, but it does not expand and grow in the way it does on this plane, your planet now.

Would everyone not wish this to be a planet where that was not the characteristic of existence? We understand we do not speak easy things. We would not have assembled ourselves in this group that we have created in order to bring energies of service to the Earth, if this were not a difficult, difficult undertaking; if there was not much to be undone so that the Earth and all its inhabitants can rise to a different plane of existence. It means there will be those who must leave and there will be those for whom the change will be joyous. But for all those who come forward following the Earth's ascension, existence will be a very different experience. Every existence on this planet is beset by the perils of disease, the perils of fear, the perils of anger, the perils of violence. There has been much learning that has come because of the nature of this planet, but it is time for those lessons to end. It is time for new lessons, a new classroom and one that is filled with light. We are here in the service of this great change.


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