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Patterns of Disruption

The patterns the world is experiencing, particularly focused on climatic changes, but also what is happening with the animals show disruption. There is disruption at every layer of the earth. There is disruption among all the things that have given rise from the earth. The fish, the animals, the birds, the insects, the amphibians and the humans-- everything is being affected in a way that is increasing disruption. Patterns that have existed for a long time are disrupted and changed in a way that is striking or violent or completely inexplicable. There are species that are not behaving in their normal ways, just as there are species that are moving into full extinction. And as your biodiversity lessens, the concentration of what remains is no longer within its parameters. And in breaking those parameters, more disruption happens among more aspects of living things. So, yes, you have this phrase 'endgame'. This is not an end game. It is not a game. It is a life cycle that stretches over much more than millennia. When there is this kind of change, yes, out of destruction can come creation out of what is lost can come what is new. When there is a forest fire, the trees, the mature trees die and yet new life comes. But at this point in the Earth planet’s cycle, at this point with the depletion of Earth energies, that renewal will not be as it has been.

[00:17:18] So in a sense, either there is a collapsing or there is an ascension. There is either a caving in or there is a rising up. And that point of choice is not localized within what you would call a year or 10 years, however, as decisions are made, as energies are expressed moment by moment, that moves the balance either toward collapse or toward ascending. Yes, you can think of it as in a human life. A human is living its life. There are poor decisions and health is not so good. And then there are decisions that are good and energies come in and there is a renewal of life force and beneficial energies. And then there are more decisions being made, more energy coming in. The surrounding energies are negative and have an effect and the human begins to degrade. Or in different circumstances, different surrounding energies for the same person, and love arises and grows, kindness arises and grows, compassion arises and grows, and there is an ascending, an enhancement of the being. So, too, with the planet. The planet's energies are dependent upon what is flowing to it, what is done to it and the energy surrounding it.

Right now there is an opportunity to increase the frequencies, the higher frequencies surrounding the planet. And these frequencies are what determine the experience of all the forms of Earth and all the forms that live and exist upon the Earth. So all of this is to say that this is a moment where the simple act of choosing to send love, love and light to the earth, to the people of the earth, but also to the energy surrounding the Earth is in itself a beneficial act.

You can do it before you get up in the morning. You can do it while you pause while brushing your teeth. It does not need to be a 30 minute meditation or even a five minute meditation. It needs to be an intention. An intention to send that energy up and out to benefit the planet and all that is upon it. This is something that everyone can do and everyone could do every day. And so why not do it? Even if you cannot imagine that it will truly help why not do it anyway?


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