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What Future Do You Choose?

When you are looking up at the sky and you are seeing the sun and feeling the sun's warmth on your face - grateful for the light, for the warmth. Grateful to have the experience and the sensation that is warming, welcoming, uplifting. In right proportion the sun causes and supports growth. In your world, the sun is also a source of things that are not welcomed. The sun's rays come through your weakened atmospheric layers and can cause damage to the skin and cause disease. The sun, when there is no respite, can cause drought and then lack of food and resources for supporting life. The whole of anything is made up of many parts.

As the Earth attempts to evolve as a beneficial resource for all, it is important that you hold your awareness of the greater whole. Bring forward your own gratitude for what the Earth has created, gratitude for what the Earth has withstood, along with your inner knowing that the Earth's evolution and that of humans is a continuing process.

The impetus of evolution is a positive one. That abuse, greed and inattention which has created damage to the Earth and therefore damage to living things on the Earth is apart from and impedes the Earth's evolution. There has been much damage from which certain aspects of the Earth and living things will not recover. At the same time, the energy that is rising to carry forward the potential for the Earth's growth and for the light-filled expansion of living things is that of grace. Think of a state of grace as a place from which living things might experience, communicate, share, interact. Imagine if each individual were aware of the divine grace within them and moved out into the world with that vibration, interacted with others from that vibration, looked at the world, looked at others from that state of being.

For most of you it is usually easier to meditate and to connect with spirit and with your deeper, truer self when you are in a time and place devoted to that activity. For most of you when you leave those moments of connection you re-enter a world where those energies and experiences that nourish you are not only unacknowledged, but impeded. If instead, out in the world, you were met by the energies that reinforced your own sense of divine love, divine grace, the expansion of Light - that is the potential future, a different foundation for learning.

When you drop into your own deeper expanded Self, that is the possibility for all embodied humankind in the future. In a sense, we are asking you to sign up to support the potential of the planet and her potential future energies. We are asking you to sign up to support the potential future of humankind living and learning within a higher vibrational field. What is the future you wish to choose?


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