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What Lies Before You

Your entire planet is in the midst of a difficult transformation. Even as the higher vibrations increase on and around the Earth, the denser, darker, heavier vibrations and energies grow fear, anger, hate. It may seem as if your planet is at the point of being overrun with darkness. There have always been denser, heavier vibrations in this dimension. It is part of the expression of the planet's dimensional existence and the conditions that exist in a third dimensional reality. But just as there is darkness, there has always been Light. It is the Light that drives the Earth’s and humanity’s larger purposes and their evolution. The belief in love, kindness, generosity and oneness that lights the way forward.

You are part of an evolution to lighter densities and higher vibrations. And so we are asking that you hold within you the desire to evolve. We ask that you hold within your being a passion for humanity's evolution as a whole to a higher dimension of being. We ask that you hold the belief that the planet Earth, your Gaia, can also evolve to its next dimension supporting higher vibrations and nourishing embodied beings.

We speak of the higher vibrations of the heart, the higher vibrations of knowing, the expansion of mind, the experience of connection, of being in the embrace of the whole, of being held and holding within that whole. This is a different way of being. And it is what lies before you. But you must choose to go through this time not with hate, not with anger, not with weapons, not with aggression but with love, kindness, with your own higher vibrations. The more you are nurturing your own higher vibrations, your own kindness, your own generosity, your own expansion into those experiences of love, kindness, generosity, opening to others, that is what will bring forward the Light and vanquish that which seeks to prevent the evolution of you, of humanity, of the earth. It is time for you to believe in the power of your own ability to be greater than you think you are.


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