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Be One Who Feeds the Light

The news of your world causes much distress. There are increasing financial worries, the virus remains active, and the war continues in the Ukraine. We are wanting to remind everyone that every time you are doing your own work of clearing, of raising your own vibration, raising your own vibration through prayer, raising your own vibration through meditation, raising your own vibration by connecting with those in spirit - every time you are tuning your intention to the healing of the planet, the healing of the wounds of all living things, every time you are embracing joy, joy, lighting up your own soul, your own energy field, you are helping. Because it moves out from you.

It is not just prayers that move out from you. Your energies move out from you when you intend to bring your own energies to a higher vibration, to bring in the Light. When you seek to bring in the light and to expand the Light in you, it goes out from you. It is that accumulating of Light that is in balance for the darkness that war and death and fear and anger create. As much as the lower selves want to talk about, think about punishment and revenge - all of the anger put into words, even if not put to action -every time that is happening it further depresses the energy surrounding the planet, and it feeds those energies. So we want to remind you to be one who feeds the Light. Intention is powerful. The intention to expand the light within you and to expand the light surrounding the world, to raise your own vibration to an expanded higher state - every time you are doing this, you are helping your entire planet, your entire plane. You are feeding, feeding the Light that is so much needed.

And because we focus on the ascension of humankind, know that there will be this darkness. There will be this disruption and turmoil. And your work is to not feed that, but instead to focus on the Light, on the higher vibrations of love and the intention of expansion, of oneness, of harmony. Harmony, even in the midst of conflict. These are not easy things to do. The lower self wants to respond, is upset, is angry, feels sadness. That is very understandable. When you are feeling that, then immediately, immediately note that, honor that as your response to the energies you are seeing and now you move to provide balance. And more than balance, you seek to move the scale in the direction of the higher vibration in the direction of the Light. That is an honorable task. It is the work of warriors. Yes, it is the work of warriors. Warriors of the Light who act not out of anger or grief or sadness, but out of love. That is the power. You are a warrior of love. Not of the lower order that that word on your plane evokes, but the higher vibration of the higher heart. The higher order of love that is free from your agendas, free from self-interest. It is love that seeks not for the self, but seeks for the benefit of all.

We offer these words because this is a time of very intense suffering. The focus of suffering changes – fires, floods, pandemics, war – but each time a new focus arises or sustains it brings forward all the accumulated grief and upset and worry and anger from all of that has gone awry, all that is in pain, wounded, suffering in your world. And that feeds more of the darkness. It is a cycle and your role, that you have already chosen, whether you are conscious or not, is to be on the side of increasing the Light, increasing the love. You are needed. And you are needed now. And there are many, many, many on our side, by which I mean those of us who are not in bodies, all the archangels and the angels and the master teachers and the teachers and the guides and the helpers. All. All with you, supporting you. None of you are alone. All of you have help. Call on that help. Ask for support as you seek to expand the light and the love that you send out into the world.


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