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Love is Your Birthright

We would like to address what you might call your birthright. Yes, when you come onto this planet, onto this plane there is so much for you. And it is your right. It is what you are allowed to have. You understand that from the earth flows to you teaching, wisdom and great love, just as all that divine creation energy flows down through your soul to you. Which means that though you may sometimes feel that you must search for love, look for hope, wait for joy, we want to remind you of is that love is your birthright. It is there for you. It is not difficult to find when you go inside yourself; when you feel deeply into the earth and let Gaia's love and energy flow up to you. When you are in your heart and rest there, you rest in a place that holds the love of the universe for you. It is never far away from you. It does not have to be searched for. Among all the swirl of this plane, amid all the distress and disappointment and betrayals and disruptions, within you abides this wellspring of Divine Love. It is yours and it only asks to be claimed. And we want to remind you that not only is love your birthright, so too is joy. Many seek big experiences to have joy, but each of you, everyone has the ability in the smallest of things, in the smallest of moments to experience that joy of beauty, of being, of lightness. It can come in a small growing thing. It can come in a sound, it can come from any aspect that is around you, where you put your attention expecting that joy is waiting for you.

In this time of so much sadness, so much destruction, it is important for you to know that it is not yours to be caught up in that. It is yours to own who you are in this Beingness; to own what has been given to you for you to delight in. We understand that it is very difficult amid everything that is going on outside, and what may be going on inside in your own spaces, but come into the home of you. Come into the truth of you, for in that truth is your connection to Divine Love, to your soul, to joy, peace and freedom. IYes, it is strange that amid so much constraint, we are saying there is freedom for you when you go into your Being. Go into the truth of your Being; not what is shown to you, not what is told to you, not what you see reflected by others. When you are in You, in that place there is such richness and lightness. And what the planet needs, what the earth needs, what all beings need is for that birthright of joy and love and lightness to blossom, to be claimed, to be allowed and to be set free. Let it flow from you. Each moment that you are in that place of deep connection with the truth of your Being, those energies flow out from you. Even if you are not speaking, they flow out from you and they take their place in the field of the planet. And the more of you who allow those moments, then the greater the field of lightness and love and joy that can bring some balance, and some future for all.


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