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Be the Blessing You are Meant To Be

This is a difficult time, a difficult time in your world and, for most of you, a difficult time in your own personal lives. There are external conditions that create hardships, emotional upheavals, disappointments and many unknowns. We are here to remind you that you are not the small being who experiences these things on your personality level. Yes, your personality is what you put on to go through your life. And yet, if you are reading this, then you know that the personality you are dressed in is not who you are.

It is time to connect to the fullness of your Being, to connect with your Higher Self, the you that remembers connection to the soul's Divine Source creation energies, the you that knows unlimited, unconditional love. As this planet and humanity seek to evolve, you are called to expand the Light of your Being through direct connection to your higher vibrations of Love and to expand the Light of your Being by understanding, resolving and integrating the karmic lessons that you've undertaken in this life. This is the way forward for each of you.

As you connect more with your own higher, expanded vibrations of love, compassion and kindness you grow your ability to reflect on your karmic lessons without the usual emotional patterns or mental thoughts that impede release. When you visit these lessons from your connection to higher vibrations, understanding more easily unfolds clearing old patterns, energies, thoughts and emotions. This release flows through your entire life journey and forward into your future. This integrated learning and release moves through your entire soul. As you release Karmic patterns you open an ever-clearer pathway to your own highest vibrations.

When you are seeking to expand the Light of your Being and to connect with your own higher vibrations, it truly just takes your focused desire and intention. There are many - many in Spirit who will heed the call of your intention and bring their energies to support your expansion. Your Light is needed by humanity and the planet. You are here to allow your Light to shine forth so that your Light can join with the Light of others. You are here to be a blessing to your own self, your own soul, and to others, partly through your actions and words, but also by your Being, your Light. So go forth and be the blessing of Light you were made to be.


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