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The Freedom of Being Within You

December is a month of great potential and yet it is a month of obstacles in the form of pressures. Pressures from demands of family or from the absence of family. Pressures from expectations of the Season of Joy. Expectations of this Season of Hope. Expectations of the Season of Light. All this amid a world in which there is so much darkness, so many worries, concerns and fears.

We want you to reflect not on what is the meaning for others, but in your own heart. If you let go of your own expectations. If you let go of the expectations of your culture. If you let go of the expectations of those you love. Ask what is in your heart, not on the surface where your heart energies are buffeted by your emotions and your thoughts, but in the quiet and expanded energy of your heart. Your heart holds within it a huge capacity. A capacity not only to receive and pour forth light and love, but also the capacity to know what is deeply true for you.

When you go to your mind, your mind is crowded with thoughts. Your emotions are noisy. But when you open to the energies of your heart, those energies want to flow. This heart energy wants to communicate to you the truth of who you are. So we would say, if you wish to know the meaning of this upcoming month for you, you let go of expectations- those from within and those pressing upon you. Drop into your own heart with the intention of knowing what is important to you, to the larger expanded you, not the small you.

Your freedom of Being is within you. Always know that. Always know that there is great freedom when you go deeply into your heart. Even if it is just for a few moments, there is where all of you expands and where the fullness of you, the possibility of you, the true you lives and breathes and waits. You are the gift waiting to be opened for yourself. You are the gift in physical manifestation for the Earth and you are the gift to your own soul. There is only the unwrapping this gift.

In this moment breathe in, allow in the love and blessings of those who are around you to protect and assist you now and always.


Channeled by Kathryn Girard


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