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A Moment of Profound Transformation

This is an extraordinary time for humanity and this planet. There are changes that have been eons in the making. We are at an incredible moment of profound transformation. Vast numbers of beings are now present on the Earth to be part of this change. What we are wanting to share with each of you is that your part begins with your own heart; begins with you releasing all those small constraints, all those small and large wounds that you experience. They can feel large and they can sometimes grow with time as the memory continues to echo in your thoughts and emotions. But those hurts, those pains, they are no longer something you must carry. Indeed, it is time for them to be released. In the realm of your soul they are truly small. It is time for you to draw from your soul's energies the strength to let go; the strength to forgive - not for the benefit of the other, but for the freeing of your own heart.

Freeing that heart where you hold your feelings of love and pain is a necessary part of freeing the greater love that fuels the transformation that is occurring. The love that you have the capacity to express goes beyond those that you think of as your beloveds, beyond those that you have even met or known. It can encompass the planet as a whole, humanity as a whole. It is a love that flows with gratitude for the gift of the Earth’s support, the opportunity your soul has entrusted to you, and the gift of creation energies that are part of you. Love is the strongest force available to you. It is within your power to bring forth this very expansive love, expansive kindness and compassion to ease and foster the birthing of what will emerge as the new planet, the new platform for humankind.

Souls have always been able to seek expansion to higher vibrations through incarnations on Earth. That has always been a potential, but always achieved against the forces of separation and disconnection. As the transformation moves forward there will be support for experiencing the essence of connection and oneness. That is the future you are here to help ensure.

So, to be a clear carrier of the Light, to contribute to the expansion of the Light, to expand to that higher vibration of love begins by releasing what constrains the lower heart energies where you are holding old pains, old wounds. Because when they are there, they limit you. Those lower vibrations constrict what you can allow. Gently, so gently, hold your heart and allow what has been hurtful and painful to be released so that your heart may open its wings and lift up. Your love can then fly out to the world, embracing all that lives, adding to all the energy that will bring into being this evolution and transformation of the Earth and humankind.

If you listen to those who are speaking from Spirit through their different channels, we are all speaking in similar ways about the importance of carrying forward the Light, of not being lost in sadness or despair over the state of the world in all its aspects. Know that more beings than ever before are connecting with their own Light, choosing to expand it, choosing to send it forth. Know that you can do this. Know that you are surrounded, support and blessed by many.


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