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Remembering the Fullness of Your Being

In each moment, there is the opportunity to pause and to choose before the next thought, feeling, speech, or action. There is that moment to pause, open and choose. In those pauses, what we would remind you of is your access to your own higher vibrations. When you close your eyes and take a breath with the intention of connecting to the higher vibrations of heart and consciousness and connection with soul, when you are pausing for 5 seconds, closing your eyes and just intending to connect, then your choices expand, what you can know expands, your heart expands. That is the power of intention mixed with remembering the fullness of your Being in a moment of quiet. You are always connected to your higher vibrations. They are part of the essence of this you. You go nowhere without them. They are always there. Know that it is so. Trust that it is so.

Do you not desire to have a Light-speed passage from a moment in this difficult physical world to your own higher awareness, allowing its gifts to open to you, to flow through you? As you mark this moment in this day, remember the gift that you carry with you. Practice opening and receiving that gift. It takes only a few moments of quiet, focused intention and trust that your higher vibrations await your invitation to connect.

We wish for you, this day and the next, this next moment and the next, the nourishing embrace of the gifts of your own Being. We send our blessings.


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