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Ansari in Conversation with Kathryn: Ascension

So this is something that is arising because you feel uncertain about this issue of Ascension. You are skeptical about all the different forms that people put around these ideas and words. You are not trusting that, but you are interested in the experience. You are interested in this idea of being able to increase your vibration. But we want you to think about what this means to you. When you think about increasing your vibration, what does that mean? Yes, we are prepared for you to step outside of this conversation with our part of the conversation. And we actually want you to answer.

We want you to practice going back and forth. So we have asked you a question. Now we are going to pause and you are going to answer.

What do I think of Ascension? Well... Partly, I immediately worry, well does that mean I become so airy and ungrounded that more would change than I wanted. But I guess, if I think about being of service, then it seems that anything I can do to develop my ability to move to different levels of knowing would mean that I could be of greater assistance to others. But even as I say that I think that I am of the greatest service when I am helping people figure out how to move between the practical being in body, living a life and having to do all the things to survive in a body on the earth and being connected to spirit.

So I guess my question back is, would ascension, this Ascension band meditation experience help me in that.

Yes, well, you have what is it, hit the nail, hit the nail on the head, because this is exactly your cutting edge in this balance between wanting to be with spirit and yet wanting knowing that you are living a life that must be lived fully, not with your head in the clouds, but with your feet anchored to the earth. That is what embodiment is, anchored to the earth, learning from the earth experience. But as it happens, this is a time when higher frequencies are needed, needed by the earth, needed by the beings on the earth, needed at every level. And so those who are willing and able to find ways to tune to higher vibrations, higher frequencies, are then in a position to assist the planet and those on the planet, because these are not easy times ahead.

These are going to be challenging times ahead because of all the earth changes and all the human discord and chaos and disruptions. And so being able to be both part of living through all this, grounded to the earth, but also able to tune to higher frequencies, feed that energy, contribute to that energy, expand that energy is very important. So we would say your reservations and concerns are certainly warranted, but we do see that you have the ability to keep yourself grounded, unlike some for whom it is a real risk, but it is not a risk for you.

It is this interesting edge you play with between not wanting to be in body and wanting to be with spirit and wanting to be in body and resisting spirit. So, yes, it will be good for you. So, yes, we are in support of you doing this and we think there will be benefits that accrue. And we do not think that there are risks to you.


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