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Ask From Your Heart

We have come to visit since we are happy to be part of what you are putting forward and we are wanting to share just briefly this message for those who are trying to find their way with Spirit. And we are understanding that there is not very much on the earth in the Western cultures that supports the idea of dialing up a Spirit teacher who will talk with and give advice. And yet what we see are so many who are wanting so much to trust and allow and receive. So we are wanting simply to say that each of you, each of you has those around you who care, who love, who support you. Some of you have beloveds who are no longer in body, but who still come by to simply watch and to send their love into your energies that surround you. And all of you have at least one and usually more Spirit guides who are there to protect and support you and to help as best they can. But no one in a body or in spirit can help if they are not asked.

And so what we would say is that to ask is an act of faith. It is an act of belief. It is a willingness to believe. Deep inside you, that knowing exists. That knowing the truth exists. And the truth is that you have support around you from Spirit. You can think of it as your guardian, as your angel, as your protector. And you can call on that one -however you wish to call them- dear Protector, dear Guardian Angel assist me, help me. And that is the beginning. And if you speak to them, if you ask for help it is true in that moment it is a one-sided conversation. It is not a conversation, it is speaking to. But the more you speak to, the more you make the path, there will be a time when you can be still and just listen and hear back. But it is enough in the beginning to simply believe what part of you knows is deeply true and to simply speak to those who are around you and so wanting to support you, so loving you, so wanting to help.

So begin by just talking and asking and avoiding those askings that are not very helpful because they are not coming from the deepest heart. One might wish to win the lottery but we are not very good on the spirit side with those kinds of things generally. What matters and what evokes the highest level of help is the level of your intensity, and by intensity we mean the heartfulness. Understanding that you may not always know what the right help might be, those who are there to support you will know, and that is how they will seek to help. So. Begin. Going into your heart and from your heart speak to those who are there to support you in spirit. And then. And then let us see what happens next. We send our blessings to you.


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