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Astrology and Energetic Patterns

Ansari. We are wanting to address with you this question you are raising about astrology. Astrology is a tool that enables people to give voice to what they are experiencing, or to become aware of what they should be attending to. Because astrology deals with energetic patterns, there are many layers to understand and interpret.

So for you at this moment the important thing is to pay attention to the energetic patterns that give rise to what you will find irritating or difficult. Yes, these are the patterns that most typically affect the most people. And astrology is beneficial because it can give you a way to name what you are already experiencing. It is not that you read about it and then you experience it. Its value is in giving you a name for what you are experiencing so that you can handle your experience with more wisdom, with a better foundation. Instead of just being surprised or unaware, you are aware, and therefore you can act using more of your whole being in not reacting or in acting from a place that is more centered despite the energies that are pulling so many off-center.

So we are not thinking that you need to learn astrology, but that you periodically review the patterns upcoming so that you will be prepared both for what you are experiencing. For example, at the moment, you are experiencing the decreasing of energy, irritability and what you call the shorter fuse. By giving names and a broader context for your experiences you obtain a very helpful handle on those experiences. For you it is not about your personal astrological chart, but about the larger patterns, because at the moment we are focused on the larger planetary difficulties and stresses.


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