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Be at Peace with Not Knowing

Kathryn: So I'm wondering if the Earth has served a certain purpose because of its dimension where things are dualistic, does that mean that the earth just becomes a planet of harmony and then how does that suit all the different soul growth tasks.

Makel: Well, that is actually a very good question, and we know embedded in that question are many questions that you have about souls and how they develop and why there are souls that are responsible for beings who are creating the problems on the Earth. Well, you also are knowing that much growth happens through conflict. Change happens in encountering not only what you love, but also what you do not love. And so it is true that the earth has been a place to encounter differences.

Well, even if the planetary healing proceeds and the ascension to a higher dimensional frequency occurs the earth will continue to be a place of learning. There are many ways to learn, yes? There are many courses in in your schools, many, many different things to learn, many different ways to learn them, but you would usually choose to learn in a positive environment. It does not mean the learning is not difficult or does not take work or does not include mistakes and errors and regrets, no. It is just a different environment.

And so there has been much learning over all the time of the Earth's creation. And so for the Earth to evolve and those who embody on the Earth to evolve, the classroom can change. The school can change and the souls have great adaptability. So you do not need to worry about this. We are not laughing at you. We understand these are the questions that arise in a thoughtful, curious mind, trying to understand what is truly not understandable from your plane or perspective. It is not even understandable from many of the planes on which we all move and teach and work. So. Be at peace with not knowing.

There is a challenge for you, be at peace with not knowing, but continue to ask.


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