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Makel: We will address first, as we said, this question you have about the one you call Amun. And so, yes, you have for a long time in your time considered Amun your gatekeeper. It is interesting. Yes, everyone has different systems that they use. The important thing for you has been to feel that you were protected and you took this notion of protection to be both the protection on the etheric levels, the energetic levels of beings who might come to you at your request or not. Then you decided that if you could ask for protection, that protection could expand to include the physical. And so what you found was that indeed, when you asked you received.

So you know that there are many who have been present over all these years and even before you had awareness. And so, yes, there has always been a guardian or more than one from different energetic levels, you could say different rays. Yes, there are layers and layers of energy and there are layers of vulnerability or protection. And you have been very well protected.

You came into this life with many protections in place. And you have walked through your life thus far with many, many protections in place. Amun, you could think of as your coordinator of protections. So Amun is not interested in speaking but is interested in you opening to their presence with more attention. You have become used to mentioning Amun and making a request. But you have made this a more one-way communication. But, you know you are able to bring greater awareness when you are making a request. You are able to tune your awareness to feel or know or hear or see the response. So that is what we would suggest on that front. Open a more two-way communication without thinking that you must speak or hear words, but rather that you are tuning your energetic awareness, your intuitive awareness, your psychic or whatever you want to call it. You tune that awareness to the response that Amun will provide.


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