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Environment Filled with Fear

We are wanting you to consider what is happening on the Earth right now. You are all much concerned about the changes that are happening in the weather patterns, to the air, the waters, the forests, the kingdoms of living things. Your news is filled with warnings, distressing news of loss. Unexpected events, variations, changes, forms arising and fading are all part of what occurs in nature's organic flow. But you are knowing that much of the changes you are seeing are the result of interventions and abuses of the Earth's lifegiving resources. A gift of living on the Earth is the opportunity to invent and to create with great freedom. When that freedom is exercised without being anchored in the greater and long-term well-being of the human community, other living things and the planet as an integrated whole, then there are consequences on many levels.

When you are seeing the consequences, fear arises. Fear of loss, fear of change, fear of danger, fear of sustaining life- your own and others. But always it is fear. And so you are knowing from our other messages that when fear arises, nothing improves. When fear arises, nothing positive results. Fear is a destroyer of many things. It is an incredibly powerful force. And yet you unleash your fears constantly. You unleash them on others. You unleash them in your communities. You unleash them worldwide. And it is not just the fear that is expressed. Even the unexpressed fear that you feel moves out from you communicates its presence and can adds to others’ fears present in the environment.

So we would say, "do you wish to live in an environment that is filled with fear?" And if you do not, then the first step begins with you. Every step begins with you, one individual. Some part of you is knowing you are not just one individual, you are part of a larger whole. What can you do? What is within your power? You can address your own fear.

We are knowing that it is difficult to accept that contributing to the betterment of the planet as a whole, to the betterment of your world, to the betterment of your particular community, your particular family begins with you finding the seeds of fear in you. Only in facing your fears can you stop nourishing them and begin to remove them. We do not mean to suggest that this is simple. It takes a strong intention and a willingness to explore deeply within to find and understand the old and superficial roots of fears; to find those that arose from within as a protection and those that were absorbed unconsciously from others.

With fear removed, love can flow. You can choose to bring forth the love that is yours to summon. You all have a greater capacity to love than you currently know. Your ability to love is innate, a part of your very essence. That love is what you need to be cultivating. That love is what you need to be harvesting for your own benefit and the benefit of all living things; for the benefit of the Earth. Part of love is acceptance. Part of love is not knowing, not expecting an outcome of something you desire. Love is a way of Being. So what you can do today and in all your days is to call forth from within you the love that you have the right and ability to generate, to express, to let flow from you. That is our wish for you. That is the world we wish for you.


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