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Escalation in the New Year

Because it is the beginning of your new calendar year, we wish to add a further message about what is arising; what is arising for the planet and what is arising for everyone, though there will be many different experiences.

There is an escalation; an escalation of the conflicts that have been allowed in the vibration of this planet. This escalation will give rise to even more fear, even more worry. It will be unsettling, deeply unsettling. Those who are ready for change, who themselves wish to tune to a vibration that supports harmony, universal love, and the experience of oneness will find more room for those aspirations of peace, harmony and connection to be expressed. What you will see as escalating conflicts will bring forward a deeper need for the countervailing energies of love and connection with the greater whole that each of you is and that each of you is one with. Even more humans will seek to express peace and to express love because that is what is yearned for in the face of what you will think of as troubling times.

There is also an escalation of planetary response both to the movement toward ascension and to the misuse and depletions of what the Earth has provided. The Earth herself will bring disruptions - disruptions to some of the resources and physical matter that you may take for granted. When there are these disruptions, whether they are of the water flooding or the fire burning or the Earth moving, when these are occurring, it will cause even more fear to arise. It is important that everyone who has a sense of the possibility of the Earth's ascension understand that the traumatic events that erupt within the Earth's elements and forms and movements are all part of the clearing out. All are part of the unsettling of what is to allow the opening to what may be.

You know, from your own histories that pioneers, those who are in the front waves of something new have difficult times. The road is not clearly marked, the road may not exist. But here the energy pathways to change exist. It is a matter of joining them, connecting with them, knowing that you are one with them. There is nothing that exists that you are not connected to. And so when you open to acknowledging your connection to the energetic movements of ascension within your own being, within your soul's being, within groups of souls, within the whole, then the movement of all the ascension energies overall are expanded.

When there is movement, there is often resistance out of fear. What is the counter to fear? Love. So love the changes. See what is occurring on the Earth through your heart and your sense of connection to the oneness. Definitely feel the compassion for those who are in harm's way. Definitely offer kindness to those who are hurt or afraid, but do not join the fear. Do not join the worry. Instead, join the love. This is, we understand, very difficult. And there will be moments when your own fear will arise. But if you are knowing and watching for your own fear, you may then be able to offer yourself the antidote of your greater Being's knowing. When you are doing this you are assisting your own being, your soul and the planet in moving toward a greater expression of love, peace, harmony, kindness, compassion - all those things that hearts and souls yearn to know. Of course, you must also know all the other experiences - fear, sadness, greed, anger, separation, judgement - all those things that the planetary vibration allows. They are all teachers offering pathways back to the expansion of the Light. All learning results in expanded Light and the Light within you is your connection to the divine source. It is always there for you.


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