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Feeding Earth's Energies

We want to make the distinction between what one does as an individual on the planet to raise their vibration in the ways that are personally beneficial and what one can do to feed the energies that will assist the planet Earth in her healing and in the raising of the vibration of the planet overall. And as you are knowing already, when the vibration of the planet is raised, this then has a direct effect on those who are on the planet. As the raising of the vibration of the planet occurs, those who are not comfortable and able to be at peace with the higher vibration will move on. Yes, they will reconnect with their essence. And their experience of the change in vibration will be a learning that they take back with them to their essence. And that will help prepare for the next time that the essence is put forward into embodiment. So what we are wanting you to note is that there are layers to this. And that even as you work on your own ascension, your own vibrational changes, the work to assist the planet must be ongoing.

The work to assist the planet must be ongoing. It is not an occasional thought that will make the difference. It is not an article that will make the difference, although an article that was read by millions who then embraced an ongoing practice of working to raise the vibration of the planet would be valuable. But no, we are saying that while it is not a a full time job for the hands and feet, it is a full time conscious awareness that can then imbue the whole being with a purpose of planetary ascension. Do you see you can have your purpose to be a person who puts out fires and yet, in doing so, you can also be a person who is doing everything with an awareness of assisting the planet in her healing and her move to a higher vibration.

We understand that this is confusing for you. Yet it was not confusing for you when you were working and with people. There were papers and many words and yet you also held an awareness of the person- their feelings, their heart, their potential. And even if you were discussing the papers on the table, that other awareness was there was. Sometimes it was forward and sometimes it was lurking, but it was always there. And so it is the same with this idea of planetary healing.

While we are talking about planetary ascension, we are using the term planetary healing because this is more accessible. Everyone understands or thinks they understand healing. Everyone thinks they understand the things that are making the planet sick. And so planetary healing is a set of words that are approachable. Planetary ascension, is a more cumbersome, difficult concept. The planet's ascension is what the ultimate healing will be.

If you think about something being wrong with the physical body, you work to cure that. But because of what was wrong in one part, other parts of the body became distressed. And because of that, the emotional state of the being was distressed. And because of that, the mind became fuzzy. And so you cure the first thing, but you have not healed the body. You have not healed the person. You have only dealt with what was a visible injury or disease. Just so with the planet. Even if you could cure all the visible injuries, which it we think you cannot, it would not heal the planet because the planet is mired in so many layers of lower vibrations that are not beneficial. So there is a need for healing that changes the vibrations surrounding the planet, and those changes when they are lifted, when there is clearing, when there is a change to a higher vibration, then the planet will indeed be healed from the deepest core outward and up through the etheric levels.

So we understand you are thinking this is not a message to put forward, but we think it is important, that there would be understanding that, in fact, much is needed. From those who have consciousness, awareness, much is needed. From those who have consciousness and awareness, much is required. And in being of service to the planet in this responsible way there is much growth in the essence of the being. To be in the body, living in the body on the planet and taking on the responsibility of heightened awareness and commitment to change, to healing for the planet, that type of service is very beneficial for the expansion of the essence, what you call the soul of the being.


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