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From Your Heart You Can Fly

Let us begin with the assumption that you know, in some way, that you have a soul and you have made a commitment in this life to learn. For you, at this time and because you know you do not begin or end at the boundaries of your skin, learning is about learning your own heart's desire at the deepest level. It is about being willing to be vulnerable to yearning. We do not mean the wishing for material things, but that deeper yearning that anchors you to your soul. What is it that you want to experience, to learn from? What is it that opens your heart? What is it that opens your sense of your expanded being? Let your ego and judgement occupy themselves elsewhere for some moments and allow yourself to be just with your Self, and you, willing to feel the truth of your own being, open your heart and let what you yearn for speak. Let your deepest heartfelt yearnings come forward. Give voice to that because there is no material requirement for the learning that benefits the soul. There is no one path. There is no one teacher. There is opening to your heart and letting your heart speak to you and guide you. For within your heart is your deep, deep connection to your soul and your greater being. That is our message to you. It is very scary outside in your world. Take comfort in your ability to take root and to nest in the deeper truth of your heart. Your heart is a very safe place and from your heart you can leave the nest and fly with ever greater strength.


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