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Open to the Possibility of Sounds

There is a speeding up that is occurring now. This means that it is even more important that those who are able to bring their energy to a higher vibration do so as much as possible. Every addition to the energies that are accumulating carries even more impact at this moment.

We are recommending that all who are awakened to higher vibrations sit in that energy and let that energy move throughout their physical form and throughout their field. It is not that the body is one thing and the field is another. They are one thing. And so there is the interpenetration of energies between this solidified form and what you are calling the ethereal form. You make a distinction and yet it is all one, manifesting differently, but all one. Just as parts of the physical form make one body with each aspect manifesting differently but united in working as one thing, one being, just so with the nonphysical aspect. It is simply another aspect of the being. You understand that to us we see one being, one being. We do not see physical form and nonphysical form. We see one being.

We ask that all who are awake to the need for higher vibrations on the earth begin to allow themselves to experience their own higher vibrations. Raising the vibration through the heart is a very important practice, absolutely important for all who can to move their energies to their own higher heart, which you call spiritual heart - that highest vibration that you carry with you. Find that experience, sit with that.

But also we ask that those who are able, those who are open to experiencing new energies of a higher vibration, to open to the possibility of sounds coming to you that would express and carry higher vibrations. And the way to do this is to sit in your stillness, in the quiet of your preparations for higher vibrations and intend to receive those energies bringing only benefits. Yes, only benefits to the receiver, but also benefits to the earth and humanity's evolution.

There are those who one can view who are channeling, bringing forward light language that is a form of translating the pure energies of other beings into a form that can be seen in the movement and heard in the sounds. It is not trying to bring forward words. It is bypassing words and just allowing the sounds. Now, some sounds are beneficial to the receiver, to the receiver's, body. Those vibrations are needed. They are denser vibrations. And other sounds are part of clearing. And yet other sounds carry the higher energies that are associated with the planet and humanity's ascension, healing, evolution, whatever words you choose to use.

So this is a practice that can be experimented with, just always putting forward the strongest intention. The strongest intention. The intention calls to those energies that are available to be brought forward. And by bringing them forward through your bodies and your voices, you amplify their integration into the field of the earth. It is because of where you are existing on this plane that the physical manifestation of energies, the physical transmission of energies is important. It is what it allows the energies to be received at more levels. If we are bringing our energies and sharing them within the field of the earth, they are received at a particular layer. You could think of it as a layer. But what is wanted for moving the earth and humankind forward is for these vibrations to reach more layers through physical expression. The physical expression through words, even the reading of words that carry the energies we are sending forth in this transmission is beneficial. The intention to transmit energies that will benefit the expansion to a higher, higher vibrational plane to the Earth's field and to that which connects with all of the human species is important.


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