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Unconditional Love

We want to say a few things to say about the planet and it's healing. There is so much sadness. So much grief. So much, so much, so much that is causing tears and evoking the opposite of love. Fear is an opposite of love. And hate is an opposite of love. What we want to offer is the importance of starting with the self. You cannot love unconditionally, you ca

nnot love if you are within yourself never having experienced that. And so connecting with spirit is one of the ways to experience unconditional love.

Listening to the message of The Others about evoking unconditional love, we believe that when someone connects with spirit, that connection opens them to the experience of unconditional love. When we come to visit you we see the energy surrounding you.

Often we are knowing much about your past histories and we are seeing much about your past and current life as you have experienced it within your sense of how time operates. And so when you are opening to us you are opening not to someone who is seeing your face and your clothing and your work position. You are opening to someone who sees you. The essence of you, the history of you

without a persona in the way. And even if you are present putting your personality forward, that is not what we are seeing. When you are knowing that, you are coming to trust that we accept and love you. All of you. Not just a part of you. We are seeing all of you, knowing what struggles you face and where things are complicated and complex and where you are unhappy with your own being. We are seeing through all that and connecting to your essence.

You fall into believing that you are this embodiment, this personality, this physical body. But we are seeing so much more than that. And so when we are choosing to come forward and when you are accepting us then we are bringing our unconditional love. There are not limits on our ability to love unconditionally. All of your teachers and guides offer this.


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